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Action Team Project Overview - An overview of the 14 Action Team Projects to date

Buhl Community Projects -- Partnerships and collaborations that help support the One Northside Initiative

Census Data (Raw) -- The raw data from our 2015 Census Report

Knowledge Sessions - A series created to engage residents on the current and future housing needs, as well as the redevelopment of the Northside

  1. Housing 101
  2. Housing 102

NEIGHBOR-TO-NEIGHBOR MINI GRANT APPLICATION (2016) -- Applicants must live or work on the Northside and funded project activities must take place in the 18 neighborhoods of the Northside

Neighborhood Allies One Northside Report - A report on The One Northside Community Plan

Northside / Buhl Grants - List of Buhl grants from 2013-Present

One Northside Asset Inventory and Mapping (NS AIM) Project - GTECH's comprehensive database of the 2000+ Northside assets

One Northside Consensus Plan - Results from a 80+ questionnaire on how to make the Northside the place to learn, the place to work, the place to live and the place to be

Partnering Organizations - A list of organizations who are partnering with Buhl/One Northside

Neighborhood Grants - A list of the $10,000 neighborhood grants administered by The Sprout Fund on behalf of The Buhl Foundation's One Northside Initiative

Vacant Lots Report - GTECH's comprehensive report on vacant lots in the Northside