Our Story

18 Neighborhoods. One Northside.
The Northside is a community of unparalleled assets. 18 neighborhoods strong, we are built on a history of hard work and a rich array of personal and shared experiences. Today, we are home to the greatest concentration of cultural amenities in our region and to a collection of some of the most diverse communities in our city.

Building on our strengths, we have launched a large-scale effort to create a shared agenda for progress that spans all our communities. One that creates an improved quality of life for ALL Northside residents, and ensures the revitalization of the Northside as a preferred destination.

We're putting people first
We believe a community-driven engagement initiative--where residents and community leaders are actively making a difference, creating a shared community agenda and driving the change we wish to see-- is the only way to long-term, sustained progress.

We can't do it alone.
With a long-term commitment from the Buhl Foundation as the catalyst for our collaborative work, we are actively building partnerships with existing resource providers and community organizations from within the Northside and around our region to match assets and services directly to community needs.

Working together, we're making the Northside the place to live, the place to work and the place to be.