One Northside

One Northside is a resident-driven initiative that catalyzes and supports long-term sustainable change for Pittsburgh’s eighteen Northside neighborhoods. Begun in 2014, One Northside is a long-term commitment to invest in the lives and futures of Northside residents with particular emphasis on resourcing community members, young and old, to lead from within.

We are dedicated to working with and for the Northside community to improve upon and build the structures needed to connect residents and businesses to the resources that will create a thriving community. The key to success is found in the value of our relationships with one another and the respect given to each individual, neighborhood and community.

Working with thousands of Northside residents and community members, our movement developed a framework to structure our efforts and guide our work together.

This framework is divided into five key focus areas, or “Pillars,” intended to improve our quality of:


One Northside held its annual One Northside Celebration on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at Acrisure Stadium on the North Shore. Residents, partners, and other community members attended to celebrate, connect and learn about the progress of the One Northside initiative. As a part of the celebration, attendees has the opportunity to provide their solutions to stop youth and gun violence. To Lend Your Voice on this important issue, visit our new One Northside engagement platform Engage One Northside. Don’t forget to check out the video below and read our One Northside Annual Report to learn about the progress made in each of the five pillars since January 2020.

Northside residents, businesses, community members and partners are all invited to participate in building a greater community for all.