Mission, Vision & Values

The Vision of One Northside is actually quite simple:

Improved quality of life for ALL Northside residents.

Saying it is one thing, but accomplishing it is a bit more complex. Consequently, we’ve identified specific ways to bring our shared vision to life.

The following elements comprise our Mission:

Connect residents and partners across the eighteen different neighborhoods.

Catalyze opportunities that are game changers, connected to a larger strategy that is a shared community vision for the Northside.

Leverage human and financial capital to bring resources to the Northside.

Grow the capacity and self-sufficiency of the community.

And, these Values guide our work:

Collaborating and listening to one another

Giving of our time

Communicating transparently

Recognizing our diversity and building equity

Intentionally moving forward

Respecting one another, our neighborhoods and communities

Thinking big and outside the box

Being leaders and role models