Support for our Children from Cradle to Adulthood

To look to a better future, we invest in our children today. With stronger professional training and increased Pre-K access, all of our children will be school ready by age 5. Joining together as a community, we will invest in state-of-the-art resources to encourage and enhance learning both in and out of the classroom. So, our Northside children will be ready to embrace the path before them.

To accomplish these Education goals, we have identified three strategic areas of focus:

Holistic Early Childcare

High Performing Schools

Parent & Community Engagement

Working together, we will support the changes needed to increase key measures of success, such as 3rd Grade reading and 7th Grade Math proficiency. As parents, educators, and a community we will eliminate achievement gaps and increase enrollment and graduation rates.

Making it happen.

We know this will take time. As we work towards our long-term goals, there are immediate and exciting changes for our community to support:

Access to Pre-K Programs

Enhanced Learning

Parent Programs

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We need each other.

In every community, there is a give and take. Sometimes you are the one offering support and other times you need to receive it. It’s all part of our work together.

Safety News

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Council clears Pittsburgh police to patrol North Side public housing complexes

Pittsburgh will supply six police officers and a supervisor to safeguard two public housing complexes in the North Side

Pittsburgh Housing Authority, city plan police patrols for two North Side sites

Two Pittsburgh public housing complexes may soon be regularly patrolled by dedicated city police officers...

Safety Events

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