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The Feb. 13 Celebration at Heinz Field was a chance to inform the Northside public on progress the organization has made in the past year.


Kidsburgh: Programs Offer Golf Lessons & Life Lessons For All Kids

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The golf season is in full swing, with the Masters last month and the PGA tournament this weekend. If you’re interested in your child trying golf, some programs are making it accessible and affordable for all kids.…

Pittsburgh Public looks toward the future with STEAM curriculum

Classroom environments 'haven't really changed since the Industrial Revolution.' The district is working to change that.

Mastering the drone: Flips, leaps and sputters fuel learning curve

Drones are fun to play with and some are even cute, but beware - they can frustrate you, tease you, even startle you.

Pittsburgh SAT scores went up in 2016. Can they keep the momentum?

"Pittsburgh SAT scores went up in 2016. Can they keep the momentum?"


Pittsburgh’s new Financial Empowerment Center offers free advice and education in underserved neighborhoods

Pittsburgh's new Financial Empowerment Center offers free advice and education in underserved neighborhoods.

College degree? Many Pittsburgh-area jobs in the next decade may not require one.

Many have and still view higher education as the only ticket to a stable, prosperous career. But it’s not so clear-cut anymore.

Pittsburgh leaders open CoLab18 community space, aim to provide equal access to technology

As the technology industry fuels economic growth in this city, community leaders want to make sure all residents have a chance to participate.

CoLab18 to open at Nova Place

A space where North Side nonprofits, businesses, groups and organizations can gather for meetings or trainings will open Wednesday inside Nova Place. CoLab18 will be a hub for creativity, problem solving, collaboration and technology, said…


North Side partnership opens CoLab18 at Nova Place

A group aiming to boost inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship on the North Side has opened a space at Nova Place and extended the number of partners involved.

Restoration of Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Commons park includes new fountain

Workers earlier this month began a $2.5 million restoration of the park’s northeastern corner that will replicate its 19th century design. The project’s focal point is a new fountain.

North Side Bike Advocate Is Helping Redesign Allegheny Center's Roadways

For the last four years, Ross has been the chair of Walk Ride North Side, the bike and pedestrian advocacy committee of the non-profit North Side Leadership Conference.

An East Ohio Street that draws Steelers, Pirates fans? Some see it, others just envision a better place for the neighbors.

Behind the covered doors and windows of the empty shops, construction workers are preparing to gut interior walls and begin renovations — setting the stage for a new-and-improved version of East Ohio that will take shape over the next two years.

Walkabout: It takes a team effort to eliminate waste

Every year, I resolve to waste less than I wasted the year before, but wasting nothing is almost impossible. It’s an ideal to strive for.

Work starts on bike lanes around Allegheny Circle on Pittsburgh's North Side

Work starts on bike lanes around Allegheny Circle on Pittsburgh's North Side.

CoLab18 opens as technology resource hub on Pittsburgh’s North Side

Much of Pittsburgh’s growth in technology is happening around the universities in Oakland and throughout the East End, but Juan Garrett, executive director of Riverside Center for Innovation, didn’t want people to forget about the 18 neighborhoods of Pittsburgh’s North Side.

CoLab18 is meant to be a North Side community resource, not just a co-working space

Pittsburgh’s growing co-working scene includes spots such as The Beauty Shoppe in East Liberty, Revv in Oakland and Alloy 26 on the North Side, but this one is a little bit different.

CoLab18 brings North Side residents into Nova Place for learning and collaboration

North Side residents have a new home: CoLab18, a 4,600-square-foot space inside tech hub Nova Place, opened today as a public resource for learning and collaboration among the North Side’s 18 neighborhoods.


Corporate Citizenship award winner: Allegheny Health Network provides resources to Project Destiny

Allegheny Health Network may be a nonprofit itself, but its efforts supporting people in need and organizations that serve them is extensive. “Since 2017 we have provided more than $175 million worth of charity and uncompensated care for…

North Side health and wellness program to be created with $250K grant

A partnership of Pittsburgh organizations has been chosen by a national health initiative to develop a health and wellness program for North Side residents with a $250,000 grant.

National grant aims to improve North Siders health by addressing complex issues

Coalition of organizations works together to find out what residents need to improve their lives.

Pittsburgh Perry's food pantry tackles hunger in the classroom

Tucked away in a former computer lab that adjoins the school library sit neatly organized rows of peanut butter, stacks of toothpaste and a table full of fruit cups.

Northview Heights public safety center opens, staffed by Pittsburgh police

With a ceremonial cutting of police tape instead of a ribbon, residents and officials celebrated the opening of a new public safety center in Northview Heights Tuesday. The center, which has space for community programming, will serve residents…

Council clears Pittsburgh police to patrol North Side public housing complexes

Pittsburgh will supply six police officers and a supervisor to safeguard two public housing complexes in the North Side

Pittsburgh Housing Authority, city plan police patrols for two North Side sites

Two Pittsburgh public housing complexes may soon be regularly patrolled by dedicated city police officers...

Diversion program to help North Side teens, shows early promise

...thanks to the pilot North Side Diversion Program, those kids can get those charges erased. And Zone 1 police Comdr. Chris Ragland and his officers are glad to be able to take advantage of it.