Resident Champion Feature: Jerry Ann Allen


Resident Champion Feature: Jerry Ann Allen

Allen Place Community Services, Inc.

Jerry Ann Allen has been making a difference in the lives of others since the young age of six. Growing up in El Campo, Texas, she was inspired by the nurses that were a part of her church health ministry and was the first person in her family to volunteer to assist her grandfather with his insulin shots. Throughout her life, she has worked to bridge the gap between the health care system and vulnerable populations. Ms. Allen, a registered licensed nurse, began her community-focused work on the Northside in 1985 by working with local churches to provide health education and screening. In 2009, she purchased a closed Pittsburgh Public Schools building in Observatory Hill located at 227 Bonvue Street to open Allen Place Community Services, Inc.

Allen Place Community Services, Inc. is deeply committed to its mission of providing health and wellness programs to Pittsburgh’s Northside senior residents and for the social, emotional and educational needs of children and youth, by encouraging the healthy development of family relationships and enhancing the cultural awareness in the broader community.

In addition to their established programs that focus on prevention and health promotion for the entire community, Allen Place provides workshops, screenings, and opportunities for participants to identify and have better access to community resources and health services. Ms. Allen helped to launch PROM (Partnership Reaching the Organization Mission) for senior members of the community and has been instrumental in connecting Northside churches to each other and securing health programming and support.

On Saturday, June 3, Allen Place Community Services, in partnership with Pride Project Incorporated will host June Men’s Health Month in Riverview Park from 8:00 to 10:00 AM. Health screenings are also available from 10:00 to 12:30 at Allen Place in Observatory Hill.

To learn more, contact 412-303-3070 or email

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