Resident Champion Feature: Audie Chapman


Audie Chapman, known to Northside youth and parents as Coach Ace, leads the important work of motivating and supporting young student athletes. As the Executive Director of the Northside Youth Athletic Association (N.S.Y.A.A.), Audie ensures Northside youth between ages 5 to 14 have the opportunity to play organized sports such as contact and flag football, cheerleading, and wrestling.

A current resident of the Marshall Shadeland neighborhood, Audie was born and raised on the Northside and knows the community. He also understands the important role that youth athletics can play in a child’s life.

The work of supporting young student athletes is what Audie refers to as a calling. Trained as a mechanical engineer, he served in that profession for 15 years. But during that time, he felt a void – something was missing. Determined to fill the void, he decided to give back to his community of the Northside and began volunteering for the N.S.Y.A.A.  Now, his career as a mechanical engineer has taken a back seat and he is coaching and working full time in his role as Executive Director.

To Audie, the Northside Youth Athletic Association is more than a football league or sports outreach program. N.S.Y.A.A. provides much more. It supports youth with their academics, and offers valuable life skills to help a young person grow up and be successful in life. One key ingredient is the people. In addition to surrounding youth with supportive adults that care about their wellness and overall well-being, Audie says it is “the hard work of all of our dedicated volunteers that makes N.S.Y.A.A. valuable to the Northside.”

Youth and families interested in learning more are encouraged to visit a game or practice or to contact N.S.Y.A.A. via Facebook or email at

Watch the interview video and hear from the featured Resident Champion himself!